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Highbury demo is a "Leap Motion VR" game prototype. It's a virtual crime scene investigation game with ability to alter time to find clues in the crime scene and solve the crime.

Demo takes advantage of Leap motion to control (Rewind/Forward) time, while using VR player can concentrate (look at) any specious element in the scene and investigate it further. Using Leap Motion controls the evidence can be uncovered to solve the crime.

Install instructions

Note: This is a Leap Motion/ VR Project. (Windows Only)

Unzip Highbury.zip, and run VRGame.exe executable. Make a fist with left hand to rewind the time, make a fist with right hand to play the time forward. In case of any suspicious element in the scene look at that element to zoom in on the object. Use your hand to erase the painting, and uncover new clues about the crime.

A video of complete prototype gameplay is available here:



Highbury.zip 142 MB

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